The previous owners of the recognized that running an online store was not their strong suit, but they wanted to make sure EZ-Trimmers remained available.  We have arranged to take over the com website. has new management!

We’ve re-built the store.  Since we have only one product, it’s pretty simple.  Just go to the home page, select your quantity and “Buy Now!”.

What Can You Expect?

USPSFaster shipping of your trimmers.  In most cases, you trimmers will be shipped to you via USPS within 48 business hours.  If, for any reason, we can’t honor it, we’ll let you know right away.


Affiliate Program

We’ve also added an affiliate program.  Earn money for referring customers to the store to buy trimmers!  Visit the affiliate program page to sign up.  You can earn up to $1.00 per trimmer!

EZ-Trimmer - The World's Best String Trimmer

The EZ-Trimmer is the world’s best string and line trimmer.  It’s razor sharp stainless steel blade cleanly cuts through string, fishing line, yarn, tubing, thin rope and just about anything 1/8″ diameter or less.  The notches are design to prevent your fingers from getting cut.  With multiple notches, the trimmer will remain useful for years (just pick an unused notch for your line trimming and cutting).