Affiliate Program

EZ-Trimmer has an affiliate program!  For every EZ-Trimmer sold through your affiliate link you’ll get $1.00.  That’s right… sell a trimmer, make a buck.

However, you will need a PayPal account so we can pay you.  We won’t be able to send you your commissions without it (nor will you be able to sign up as an affiliate without it, either).

In order to get a payment, we require a minimum of $5.00 in your affiliate account.  Once you’ve earned $5.00, we’ll transfer the money to you PayPal account.  It may take 24-48 business hours before we transfer the money, so sit tight if you don’t see it right after your 5th sale. reserves the right to change the terms of this program at any time.  However, if we change the terms, they won’t affect any commissions earned prior to the changed terms, but may affect your future payments (for example, we may change the minimum from $5 to $10).

We would also recommend that you place, somewhere on your web site or blog,  a notice that says something like “We earn money from affiliate links on this web site.  Links to products may provide us with commissions from any purchases you make.”  It’s just good to keep it on the up-and-up.

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